Terms of Services

  • We have an understanding of ourselves working as a political collective. The usage of our services depends on the compatibility with our self-conception.
  • We will prevent usage that contradicts our understanding. We reserve the right to delete the relevant accounts and related content in such cases.

Data Economy

  • We store as little data and logs as possible.
  • We will never ask you for your personal information. Our services are usable anonymously.
  • No IP addresses are retained. To secure our services against attacks and for debugging purposes temporary exceptions are possible.
  • Our services are free of advertisement. We do not transfer data to third parties.
  • Accounts which have not been used for two years will be deactivated permanently and all data will be cleared. Re-activation is not possible. The user name will be blocked permanently to prevent identity fraud.

Data Security

  • All hard drives of our servers are encrypted.
  • We use transport encryption whenever it is possible to do so. The only exception is the communication with old mail servers for reasons of compatibiity.
  • We urge you to use client-based encryption in addition. For emails, use GnuPG. For jabber, use OTR or OMEMO. To encrypt your cloud storage, use Cryptomator.


  • We take no responsibility for the content usage of our services.
  • Publications that violate the copyright can threaten the existence of our services.


  • Accounts which are used to distribute spam will be deleted without prior warning.