/* Wikis, blogs and individual website solutions */

Web Hosting


We host your web sites. We offer tools for knowledge management and hosting of wordpress blogs. Regarding that, we have some general information you should note.


Our hosting offer targets primarily groups and organisations. To be hosted by us, you should meet the following criteria:

  • your website does not contain self-written code
  • your website indicates a contact information.

We expect you to keep the software of your website updated and check them regularly. If you donĀ“t, we reserve the right to deactivate your website without consultation.

Furthermore, we check if your website content is getting updated. In case this has not been happening for two years, we see the website as outdated. Outdated websites can - if you wish - be archived and therefore preserved. We might contact your regarding the options. If we cannot reach you, we reserve the right to disable and delete your website.

  • We encourage you to publish your content under a free license (e.g. GNU GPL or Creative Commons) to allow re-use.
  • We don’t want services with us that collect personal data of users. This includes e.g. Google Analytics and external content delivery networks (CDN).
  • We encourage you to make your websites barrier-free accessible.
  • We delete websites that haven’t been configured 90 days after provisioning.



We offer hosting for the popular and well configured blog system Wordpress. Our hosting targets mainly projects which want to create a highly individualized blog. We expect you to keep the used plugins updated. Before contacting us, please check if you are content with the services offered by noblogs.org or blackblogs.org.


Wikis are a good tool to structure knowledge. They help to manage knowledge, search it and extend it. We offer Dokuwiki as a wiki software.


We offer a ticker software with which you can accompany your political actions. Further information is found here.

Static Websites

Your can upload static HTML/CSS cia SFTP to our web server.


For public websites like blogs and news portals, it can be useful to know how often content is being read. Most websites use Google Analytics for that. Upon request, we offer Matomo (formerly Piwik) as a privacy friendly alternative. Matomo takes the wish for privacy on side of the users into account as well as the needs of website operators.


We offer web hosting with transport encryption only. That means that the sites are only reachable via HTTPS. Usually we use certificates from Let’s Encrypt.


If interested, please send an encrypted mail to support@systemli.org

This mail should contain following information:

  • a short introduction of your project
  • desired hosting type
  • a domain name, either a self-chosen subdomain of tem.li ( e.g. self-chosen.tem.li) or your own domain.
  • a contact mail address (desirable with GPG key).
  • 50 euro per year per website.