/* Sync your files, contacts, calendars, and more */


For all users with a systemli.org mail address, we offer an own Nextcloud service. Nextcloud is a free alternative to Dropbox.

At https://cloud.systemli.org, you can file data and folders and use them on different devices.

With the provision of an own Nextcloud instance, we want to offer you the usage of a cloud with all its advantages without losing your privacy.

To log in, just use your mail username and password you are using to check your mails.

Another (and more convenient) way is using a client, which you can install on your computer or mobile phone. You can find all Nextcloud clients at the official website. If you can’t find a client for your system, you can also use the OwnCloud clients.


  • Nextcloud is a platform to easily save and share data
  • all systemli mail users get a cloud account
  • diverse features in Nextcloud (calendar, feed reader, task function, easy sharing of data and folders)
  • different possibilities to synchronize between to cloud and different terminal devices
  • usage via web browser or an Nextcloud client
  • 250 MB data storage

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