If you encounter any problems, take a look into our Frequently asked questions (german only), before contacting us. There, we collect answers to common questions.


If you have requests, questions, suggestions or critique, write to support@systemli.org.

We will answer to your request quicker if you encrypt your E-Mails via GPG. You can get our public key here or from a public key-server with the command:

gpg --recv-keys 776E7B48BDE8E769CBBCD29210D46141EC77D27B

The clearer you describe your request, the faster we can find a solution. Please describe in detail which login details you are using. But never send us any passwords.

For example, if you cannot log into a service, the following information is helpful for us:

  • service address
  • user name
  • service settings, e.g. connection settings from your e-mail or jabber server

Often it is also useful to know which programs or operating system you are using. If your program shows any error messages, please send these as text or screenshot.


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