/* Create (encrypted) meeting schedules or other online surveys */

Croodle beta

Croodle is an open-source-programm (sourcecode on github) to create meeting schedules or other online surveys.

Contrary to Doodle, Croodle focuses on data security. The survey data is stored encrypted on the server.

Not even the server operator knows the content of the survey. Only the people receiving the survey link can see the survey and/or use it.


  • You can offer as many answering possibilities as you want. You can choose your favourite date in the calendar or create multiple questions.
  • You can use pre-defined answering possibilities like yes, no, maybe or allow self-generated answers.
  • You keep your view free through an automatically updated summary of the favored answers.
  • Your data stays private: It will already be encrypted in your browser. Only the people you sent the survey link to know, what the survey is about.