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Inactive Accounts

Published on 07. August 2017 - 16:00

In two weeks, we will start the automated cleaning of inactive accounts. An account is called inactive, if it hasn’t been used for more than two years. Those accounts will be permanently disabled. Related data will be deleted. Re-enabling these accounts is not possible. Also, re-usage of the account name will be disabled.

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Welcome to the future: improves its infrastructure

Published on 22. June 2017 - 22:00

Over the last months, we at improved some of our technical infrastructure. We don´t want to keep these improvements from you.


  • Your mailbox is better protected from spam
  • If possible, we enforce encrypted connection when sending out your mails
  • From now on, we are available by IPv6
  • Our DNS zones are secured by DNSSEC
  • We offer DANE records to prevent forged SSL certificates being contributed in our name

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Hello 2017

Published on 11. January 2017 - 16:35

LED matrix at soliparty During the last year has grown a lot. We see this as a sign of trust in our collective. But also as a growing need for services focused on privacy. This is a spur to us, but implies growing responsibility. Luckily, there was also growth in our collective. Therefore, this responsibility can be divided between more shoulders. We’re looking forward to work with and for you in 2017 towards a progressive future.

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Certificates Fingerprints (SHA1) /




F6:3A:47:25:06:BB:55:64:E0:78:C2:59:E2:EA:F8:8C / x5tno6mwkncu5m3h.onion

5B:9A:1A:C1:E7:96:ED:C7:38:87:76:B0:84:3C:50:1E:16:FA:30:C5 / h2qkxasmmqdmyiov.onion



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