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Better Onion Services

Published on 10. July 2019 - 14:00

onion logo To improve your security, we have updated all our Onion Services to Version 3. Sadly, this changes the service addresses. Please update your client programs and bookmarks. After a transition period, we will disable the old Onion Services. A full list of all our Onion Services is available at the dedicated page.

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New feature: mailbox encryption

Published on 12. June 2019 - 02:00

  • uses mailbox encryption
  • You should generate a recovery token in order to activate it
  • Nevertheless, you should encrypt your mail using GnuPG

We’re proud to announce an important new feature: encryption of your mails on our servers, also known as mailbox encryption. Thanks to this technology, your mails will be encrypted using your password on our servers. One has to know your personal password (or recovery token) for decrypting and reading your mail. In other words, even malicious attackers with access to our servers would not be able to read your mail.

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New Feature: e-mail password recovery

Published on 03. March 2019 - 21:00

During the last months, we have put a lot of work in our invitation and administration portal. Originally, we developed this tool in 2014 to simplify the access to our e-mail service. Later, we added a cloud storage with several features (calendar, contacts, etc.) to mail accounts. Both are valuable features for our users, we hope. Today, we are very happy to present a new important feature: e-mail password recovery.

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