25/01 2021

New Service: Modern Messenger Matrix

We have been running our own Matrix server in a test phase for a few months now. Matrix is a decentralized messenger service that can be used for end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) communication. As of today, any person who already has an email address with us can use this service.

With modern clients and a decentralized concept, Matrix is, in our eyes, above all a sensible alternative to Jabber. Unfortunately, the development in the Jabber ecosystem has been quite slow in recent years. Compared to e.g. Signal, Jabber today often seems antiquated. It also does not offer a usable option for encrypting group communication (E2EE).

We run systemli.org with the intention of supporting progressive political organizing. In doing so we try to to ensure a high level of security and privacy. In our opinion, Matrix is the best way to achieve both of these goals. Unlike Signal, it does not require a phone number and has a decentralized approach. This means that it is not easy to shut down the network of Matrix servers or to participants in group chats via their telephone numbers.

We invite you to try Matrix with us. As with all new services, there may be interruptions and changes. We welcome your feedback.

First steps with Matrix

You can log in to our matrix server with your systemli.org email address. If you want to reach another person on Matrix, you have to write to them with their Matrix address. Matrix addresses look slightly different than the person’s email address. Example: If your email is anna.and.arthur@systemli.org, then your Matrix address is @anna.and.arthur:systemli.org.

Service: Matrix