03/01 2021

Systemli becomes more colorful

For a while now, we’re giving our services piece by piece their own design, or at least customize them so that they are easier to recognize as a systemli.org service. We started with Jitsi Meet and Nextcloud. Now our website follows with a brand new design.

In just under eight years, very little had happened to the design of our website. However, a few things have changed contentwise: We offer many more services, use the ticker to inform about maintenance work and certificates no longer have to be checked manually.

With the new design, we especially want to put our services and status updates in the spotlight. We would like to thank gegenfeuer and batabana for creating the design and implementing it according to our many big and small wishes.

With the new website, we also changed the underlying tooling. We no longer use Jekyll to generate the website, but Hugo, and instead of Bootstrap, we use Tailwind as CSS framework.

Until 2013

No design, news or overview of our services yet, but many fingerprints

Until 2020

Finally news and the most important services on the start page

Since 2021

Finally with own design, space for news and status updates