21/03 2020

New service: Jitsi Meet

About a week ago we tried to give an overview for solidarity infrastructure. A service that has been requested again and again and is important in the current situation has been Jitsi Meet. We have decided to offer this service like other leftist tech-collectives.

Screenshot: Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is very suitable for holding conferences in small groups (3 - 15 people). It is easy to use and a screen/window can be shared. Jitsi Meet requires a current browser (ideally Chromium) to work smoothly. It’s best to start it in a private browser window and disable very restrictive plugins (e.g. NoScript) for this site.

As with every new service launch, we label it as a beta for now. This means that we are still gaining experience with it and may have to tweak the configurations.