Feature: emails for your friends

10 Sep 2014

We now offer a tool for registering and administrating your email-account. The registration works with invitation-codes and every existing account receives three invitation-codes 7 day after registering.

You can invite your friends to create a data-protecting email-account with systemli.org by passing on one of your codes. Furthermore, you can change the password of your email-account with this tool. We have introduced a password-policy to ensure that no-one chooses a password that is easy to guess.

Adding to the launch of the invitation-system, we did some improvements in our email-service. You can now also access your emails of a different provider. For example: You don't want to use your Googlemail-account anymore? No problem, just get the mails via your systemli.org-account. If you work from different computers and want to sort and filter the emails, we would recommend the server filtering and sorting of emails directly on our server. Especially when using this in combination with aliases there are simple solutions to managing a large amount of emails.

In the future we would like to develop the administration tool further. This includes the possibility to restore a forgotten password, to contact us and much more.