/* Open instant messaging alternative to Whatsapp and co. */


Jabber (also called XMPP) is an instant messaging-, respectively chat-service and therefore an alternative to Facebook-chat, ICQ, MSN or similar services. Since many years we offer a Jabber-server (jabber.systemli.org) with open registering.

Contrary to the services mentioned above, we neither retain your contents nor your connection data.

To set up a connection to our server, you need a chat program. For using Jabber, there are different ones. For example Gajim (Windows/Linux), Monal (OS X), ChatSecure (iOS) oder Conversations (Android).

To avoid spam accounts, the registration is only possible via browser.

We recommend using a program on your computer. If this is not possible (for example at university or at work), use our Web-Jabber.

Connection data

Server:   jabber.systemli.org
Port:     5222 (STARTTLS)
Bosh-URL: https://www.systemli.org/jabber/bosh

Onion Service Address


Using Jabber

When using jabber.systemli.org, please consider the following:

  • Use additional encryption: OMEMO, OTR or GnuPG.
  • Disable logging in your Jabber client.
  • Support your friends in disabling logging and using additional encryption.
  • Please follow our instructions (for Pidgin).
  • Inactive accounts will be automatically deactivated after one year.
  • The content of group chats is ephemeral and will get lost in case of server reboots.
  • Transmission of big files to acccounts on other servers might be unencrypted.