We provide encrypted Schleuder mailing lists for groups and organizations. The body of mails to/from Schleuder lists is encrypted with OpenPGP and therefore protected from snoopy eyes. For that reason, Schleuder lists are most useful for internal communication.

Schleuder mailing lists are slightly more complex to use and maintain than normal mailing lists. In return they protect your communication from third parties on its way through the internet. All subscribers should know how to use OpenPGP encryption for mails.

Please note that Schleuder lists are not end-to-end encrypted. Mails to schleuder lists are encrypted while being delivered to the Schleuder server, will be decrypted there and are sent again encrypted to all subscribers of the list immediately. Naturally we don't look into the mails, but please keep in mind that you still have to trust us as your Schleuder server admins.

To get a Schleuder list you have to contact us. A user account creation in the Schleuder web interface is insufficient.


Since Schleuder lists are a bit more complex to use and administrate, you find a selection of links to documentation below.


  • OpenPGP encrypted mailinglists
  • Administration of subscribers and settings via web interface or mail commands
  • Messages to lists are not archived

Onion Service for web-interface


Systemli Schleuder web interface