Since many years we offer an email-service for friends and sympathisers. To register an email-account, you need an invitation-code. Every email-account receives three invitation-codes 7 days after registering. The codes can be passed on to friends and used for registering.

We have taken a conscious decision against an open registration-system in order to prevent misuses of the service. If you have good reasons for wanting to open an email-account with us without an invitation code, please contact us.

To protect the digital postcard from being read by third parties, you should use GPG. The best solution is a combination of Thunderbird (set-up guide in the Wiki - german only) and Enigmail.

Additionally you can access your e-mails via browser with our web-Client

Registration & Administration Web-Client


  • Sending emails with attachments of up to 40 MB
  • Data protection: no logging of IP-addresses or non-relevant meta-data
  • Sieve: filtering of emails directly on the server
  • An infinite amount of implicit aliases
  • Integration of other email-accounts
  • Roundcube Webmail for managing emails on the road
  • Tor Hidden Service

Connection Data

Server (Incoming & Outgoing):    mail.systemli.org
User:                            <username>@systemli.org
Protocol (Receive):              IMAP
Port:                            993
Protocol (Send):                 SMTP
Port:                            587

Tor Hiddenservice Adress