Background: Data transfer and group chat with Jabber

14 May 2014

Since restructuring in January, it is not possible anymore to transfer data with our Jabber-Server. Although we pointed out that this kind of transfer is not encrypted, there repeatedly have been misunderstandings. Pidgin offers this service, but via a non-encrypted Proxy. Please don’t use this! Alternatively there is the possibility to request a mail-account with us. This can be used to send and receive attachments of up to 40 MB size.

Also we would like to inform you that the content of group chats is not long-lasting, just as it is supposed to be. Currently there is no Jabber-server-software that preserves the content of group chats after rebooting the server. When doing maintenance works, we can unfortunately not take this into account and also cannot allow you enough time to secure the content before starting our work. Please consider this and regard the content of group chats as ephemeral!

For permanently securing data or discussions we recommend a Wiki or a Forum. (For simple texts you can use our encrypted Pastebin.

If you have any suggestions or requests how to improve our data transfer and group chats practice, please contact us.