Background information: Change of SSL-certificates

31 Mar 2014

This month we changed all our SSL-certificates from CACert to commercial providers. Up until now many of our users were confronted with notifications stating that our websites and services are not trustworthy; people repeatedly told us that this is off-putting. We have put an end to this.

Until recently CACert issued our certificates. They tried to establish a non-commercial certification body. We regarded this as a sound initiative, but they never received enough support. Since they moved away from Debian (the most important non-commercial OpenSource system software) this attempt unfortunately seems to have failed. We are of the opinion that usability is an important criterion in software security. Our services are made for the average internet user, not for IT students. With the change, nothing changes regarding the security for our users, but the usability increased noticeably. We accept that we have to pay money for this. If you have questions or critique regarding the change, please write us a mail.

PS: The fingerprints of the certificates can be checked on our website and can be checked signed cryptographically here.