Our principles stay indivisible

23 Aug 2019

Systemli is a left-wing network and technics-collective. We support emancipatory groups and individuals with technical infrastructure and know-how, in our spare time. This explicitly doesn’t include free speech apologists or crypto market liberals. Therefore, we published our terms of services a while ago. Thereby, we aim to demonstrate for which projects we engage and in what scope.

We have an understanding of ourselves working as a political collective. The usage of our services depends on the compatibility with our self-conception. We will prevent usage that contradicts our understanding. We reserve the right to delete the relevant accounts and related content in such cases.

Happily, we support political campaigns like #unteilbar (German: indivisible). On the coming weekend, thousands of people will rally in Dresden, Germany under this banner against the political lurch to the right and for a solidary and diverse society.