Hello 2017

11 Jan 2017

LED matrix at soliparty During the last year systemli.org has grown a lot. We see this as a sign of trust in our collective. But also as a growing need for services focused on privacy. This is a spur to us, but implies growing responsibility. Luckily, there was also growth in our collective. Therefore, this responsibility can be divided between more shoulders. We’re looking forward to work with and for you in 2017 towards a progressive future.

Mail accounts

You can now delete your account on your own, if don’t need it anymore. To this end, just log into the user portal, where you can delete the account. During this operation, all your mails will be deleted from our servers and a later restore is not possible.

Furthermore, we will automatically delete mails older than 30 days from “Trash” and SPAM folders. We do this to reduce hard drive usage. Additionally, we will regularly remind users with very big inboxes to decrease them.


For some time now, you can use all features of the Conversations XMPP client with your systemli account. Conversations is one of the best, most secure and feature-rich Jabber clients for Android.


As always, we want to thank you for your support. Through a diverse mixture of big and small donations and a fantastic support party, we were able to cover our running costs and expand our hardware. If you’re keen, you can watch our visit at Datengarten (german), a format of CCC Berlin.