New service: Cloud

26 Mar 2016

So it´s Easter and we want to give all of our mail users an individual ownCloud account.

With the provision of an own ownCloud instance, we want to offer you the usage of a cloud with all its advantages without losing your privacy. ownCloud is a software that makes it possible to file, save and share any form of data.

It allows you to edit and synchronize the data using different devices (smartphones, PC, Tablets…). Therefore, ownCloud is a free alternative to Dropbox.

Moreover, ownCloud offers the following possibilities:

  • a calendar function
    • a way to synchronize your calender between your computer or mobile phone and the cloud is possible. You can learn more here
  • usage as a feed reader
  • the backup of your mobile phone contacts
  • Release and Sharing of data and folders. For that, it also offers a securing password function.

To use your ownCloud account, navigate with your browser to and log-in with your mail-account (username and password). In the beginning, we offer every user 100 mega byte data storage.

Another (and more convenient) way is using a client, which you can install on your computer or mobile phone. You can find all ownCloud clients at the official website.

The previous test cloud will be shut down on the 30th of June 2016. Please make sure to transfer your data to the new ownCloud. You can ask us for mail accounts to do so and your previous storage size will also be restored. :)