Call for donations to buy new hardware

16 Mar 2016

Dear friends, for more than ten years we´ve been running In the last couple of years, due to the Snowden disclosures, the unacceptable state regarding the treatment of refugees and the gathering strength of authoritarian movements in and around Europe, the interest in our services has been increasing constantly. We are very happy about that, although it leads to a huge amount of necessary working hours to keep running and for your requests to be answered.

In the last couple of years, we were able to finance the operational management through donations. We hardly had to put our own money into the project. We are very grateful to you for your support.

Due to the increasing interest in our services, our servers are now approaching their computing and capacity limits.

We urgently need to put new machines into the data center to enable a smooth operation, to secure the good and solid quality of our services and to offer new services. Without your donations, this won´t be possible.


There are different ways to send us donations:

Via bank transfer

Digitale Partizipation e.V.
Kontonummer: 1150840800
BLZ:  43060967
IBAN: DE77430609671150840800
reference: Unabhaengige Infrastruktur

Unfortunately, Digitale Partizipation e.V. is not registered as charitable. Therefore, we cannot offer you a donation receipt.

It would be awesome if you could imagine to make a small donation (3-5euros) on a regular basis. This would secure the continued existence of

Anonymous donation via mail

Digitale Partizipation e.V.
Postfach 670220
10207 Berlin

Thank you!

We want to say thanks to all donors who help us to keep running for a few more years. Furthermore, we want to thank all the donors who donate on a regular basis to make the free operation of possible.