New service: Ethercalc

28 Dec 2015

The last couple of years users expressed the wish for a software, where multiple users could work on a spreadsheet together. After a long search and the attempt to teach our pad software to create charts, we found a suitable software: Ethercalc

We´ve had positive experience using Pad-Service and we´d like to follow up on that with Calc-Service


  • work on a spreadsheet together
  • a lot of common spreadsheet functions (sum, average...)
  • Import of spreadsheet documents

Please be aware that all spreadsheet documents will be deleted 30 days after last processing it!

Out thanks goes out to the developers at Ethercalc, ypu can find their software in their Github Repository

We published a Ansible-Rolle, with which it should be possible for you to create an Ethercalc-Instance. You can find it at the associated Github-Repository

This way to Systemli Calc