Newsletter 2013/2014

13 Aug 2014

Dear friends, dear users,

The desire for free communication is a driving force for Free communication is important for our social networks and our political activities. Unfortunately, all too rarely we get the chance to communicate with you directly and even more rarely you get the chance to speak to us. To enhance the dialogue between us, we would like to share the things we have worked on over the past few years and let you know about the latest news.

This has been accomplished between 09/2013 and 08/2014

Improved usability:

Improved security

Our services:

Even if you have been using our services since a while, it can be worthwhile to regularly check our service overview to get to know which other services we offer. You can find a short manual to our services and a few tips and tricks regarding their use here

We need money:

Although everyone working at does so as a volunteer without payment, providing infrastructure costs money. At the moment we have expenses of about 3500 € per annum. Unfortunately, only about 50% of the amount is covered by donations. If you can, please donate a little money to us or even arrange a standing order. Even if you donate just once or 3-5 € per month, every little helps. A big thank you to all those who donated to us in the last year!

Save the date:

On 5 September 2014, some great people are organising a fundraiser for us at ://about-blank (Berlin). We hope to see many of you there so we can celebrate together for the support and maintenance of independent infrastructure. For all those participating in the celebration, there will be a surprise!